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About Us

Welcome to Madeline’s Homestay Agency, also known as Oxford Homestay!

I began this agency in 2003 when at that point I was offering Host Family accommodation and English lessons in my home to overseas visitors.

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many interesting and friendly guests from all over the world and I have learnt that everyone I have met is looking for a very special experience in the UK that can be tailored to their needs. I have now recruited many more families not just in Oxford but in major cities throughout the UK. I have some families where the host is a qualified English language teacher and others that are just very keen to help you improve your English and provide you with a cultural experience.

What makes Madeline’s Homestay Agency unique is my ability to offer guests a wide variety of accommodation and a unique activity or leisure programme to suit your requirements whether you are visiting the UK for a learning experience, business or holiday experience.

I can also arrange packages for small or large groups and I have partnerships with language schools and other institutions. Why don’t you have a look on my Tailored Packages page to see examples of the type of packages I have organised in the past? If you have something in mind that you’re interested in doing – why not write and tell me about it?

If you’d like to find out more or you’re interested in arranging a visit to the UK please email us or call +44(0)7739 116 396.

Why don’t you also look at the testimonials page to see what other visitors have to say about using my agency.

I look forward to welcoming you to the UK!


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