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Host Tuition for Children

If you would like your child or children to experience full immersion in British life with a native British family, whilst having the opportunity to also take private English lessons then this is the ideal package.

Finding the right host family

Families are carefully selected to ensure that your child has the best experience possible during their visit. Families are personally visited by myself and have great experience of hosting young children. All families are CRB checked which means they are carefully screened to ensure they are suitable to host young children.

Where possible, we aim to match your child with children of a similar age and gender in the family. It’s also useful to know as much about your child as possible in advance with regard to their interests or hobbies and what you enjoy doing as a family. For example, if your child enjoys playing the piano, I try and match the child with a family who have a piano and a child who also plays. If your child is quite sporty and enjoys tennis or swimming, then I can match him or her with a family that has great sport facilities and sporty children.

Tailored language tuition

We can also tailor an English language course with the host tutor that is best suited for your child.

With younger students we can vary the course programme so that some days are spent with between 1 to 3 structured lessons and other days are spent out and about at Museums or other attractions where your child will get the opportunity to do more “fun based” lessons through tasks and challenges linked to the activity or visit.

Most children will make better progress with their English in environments where they are stimulated and have a real interest in what they are doing, which is why we allow a great deal of flexibility to tailor the programme.

Tailored leisure programme

With this option you can also request special interests to be included such as golf, karate, horse-riding, dancing – the list is endless! Again, prices are tailored to specific requests. Please look at some recent Tailored Packages to see what some other clients have experienced during their stay in the UK.


Prices start at £350.00 per week.


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